If WCW Had Stuck with the Future Shock Concept

  Wrestling Undercover: If WCW Had Stuck with the Future Shock Concept Starrcade 89. It was, in the words of Charles Dickens “The best of times it was the worst of times” The best – 1989 was possibly the greatest… Continue Reading →

No Holds Barred – The Sequels

No Holds Barred – The Sequels   The year was 1989 and the biggest star in all of wrestling history * has starred in his first major motion picture – No Holds Barred. It was a landmark movie that was criminally overlooked… Continue Reading →

Hogan Tweets About Ali’s Passing

In probably the biggest news in the world of recent days, Muhammed Ali sadly passed away and tributes have been pouring in from all corners of the globe from former opponents to world leaders, from old time sports reporters to… Continue Reading →

Comparing the Sales of UFC and TNA

Two major sports entertainment companies were up for sale in recent weeks, masters of face punching UFC and TNA, a company that puts the No 2 in “No 2 wrestling promotion in the US” Comparing the UFC and TNA Sales… Continue Reading →

UFC 200: Jones Fails Drug Test, Lesnar & Nunes Win, Dana White “Fuck this Shit, I’m Outta Here”

Report: Rejected UFC 200 Brock Lesnar Opponents

Whilst Mark Hunt, the man chosen to be sacrificed at the alter of PPV buys at UFC 200 as Brock Lesnars opponent, is a fine fighter and enough of a name in MMA circles to make the fight legitimate, he… Continue Reading →

Jones Suspension: “Proof” WWE Remains at Cutting Edge of Sports Entertainment

The shock suspension of star performer Jon Jones, just days before he was due to headline UFC 200 has prompted the WWE to issue a press release claiming that this is proof that they remain at the cutting edge of… Continue Reading →

ESPN To Produce 30 for 30 about the AWA Team Challenge Series

Following the positive response to the announcement of a 30 for 30 documentary about Ric Flair, ESPN have moved quickly to capitalise on the buzz by announcing a follow up – about the AWA Team Challenge Series. Whilst many see… Continue Reading →

Virgil Makes Shameless Attempt to Get into Hogans Good Graces

In a recent interview, Mike Jones, the former Virgil in the WWF, ha made one of the more surprising statements in the wake of the Hulk Hogan / Gawker controversy. Taking the position of defending the Hulkster, Jones has suggested… Continue Reading →

Ryback Puzzled Why Nobody Backstage Looking Him in the Eye

Former US champion and Dianabol injection-made-flesh,Ryback, has expressed his confusion and frustration that many of his colleagues seem to be avoiding him backstage at house shows, and thos who will speak to him avoid making eye contact, or agreeing plans… Continue Reading →

WWE Royal Rumble Poll: Rumble McRoyalFace Leading the Race

WWE released a new survey last week regarding potential WWE Royal Rumble locations. The survey wanted to know if fans were planning to attend the WWE WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view and listed the a number of cities as possible WWE Royal… Continue Reading →

Cody Rhodes Tweets Out Second To Do List

Recently released / resigned WWE perfomer Cody ‘Runneldust’ Rhodes has been keeping himself busy now that he has nothing but time on his hands. First, he tweeted a list of indie performers that Rhodes wants to ‘Do’ (no judgements here),… Continue Reading →

Exclusive: Preview of Stephanie McMahons Upcoming Biography

WWE has announced the release of their biggest and most important biography ever that of the former receptionist and coffee girl who worked her way up to becoming Chief Brand Officer – Stephanie McMahon Levesque. The company is so confident… Continue Reading →

Social Outcast Membership Set to Grow

The membership of comedy jobber group ‘Social Outcasts’ is expected to swell in the coming months. Nominal group “leader” Curtis Axel, the chubbier, significantly less talented progeny of the Hennig family, has told current members that following the NXT call… Continue Reading →

“Intriguing” Potential TNA Investors Found

Troubled “Wrestling “ promotion TNA is actively seeking investors after finally admitting what the rest of the world knew several years ago, and has located a consortium whose proposal the company allegedly finds “intruiging” Idaho based start-up Global Hyper Mega… Continue Reading →

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